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Being a family owned business, Thomas Refuse Family Companies understands how important it is to have good people working with you.  From the people in our front office receiving your phone calls to the men and women working out at the Kern Valley Transfer Station, we train each employee to respect their job and more importantly to respect our customers.  We feel very blessed to have wonderful people working on our team to provide you with excellent service.


Mike & Linda Thomas

Mike and Linda purchased Thomas Refuse Service from Mike’s parents, Bob and Mae Thomas in 1979.  Before this, Mike was a deputy and Linda was a court clerk for the Kern County Sherriff’s Department.  Mike and Linda’s hands on business approach have helped grow Thomas Refuse Service into a successful family of companies, and they continue to seek more ways to improve their services.
Mike and Linda both believe in giving back to their community and do this through their involvement in numerous club activities, donating to the different needs in the Valley, sponsoring Kern Valley Pride Day, and providing a $10,000 college scholarship to a Kern Valley High School graduating senior.

Mike has always worn many hats at work; the owner, a truck driver, a mechanic, and the all around go-to guy!  When he’s not being boggled down by the needs of work, Mike is either planning or on one of his hunting excursions.

You can contact Mike at

Linda handles all of the accounting for the Thomas Family Companies.  When she’s not in her office, Linda can usually be found playing with any of her four granddaughters.

You can contact Linda at


Sheri Bowyer  -  Sheri, the daughter of Mike and Linda, joined the Company in July of 2009.  Sheri handles the majority of the day to day operations and the marketing and public relations for the Thomas Family Companies.

You can contact Sheri at

Human Resources & Office Manager

Joyce Norris - Joyce handles a number of different tasks including office manager, new employee training, employee insurance, and personal information updates. In many cases Joyce is our go to person when we need a project tackled. 

Thankfully, Joyce is also the lead person for the Kern Valley Pride Day.  She spends countles hours preparing brochures, mailings and handling much of the coordination of the entire event.

You can contact Joyce at

Front Office Staff

Margarita Baker -  Margarita joined our staff in August 2012 and is quickly becoming another loved voice and face of our front office.  Margarita is our septic and grease trap scheduling guru!  If you have a tank in need of servicing, Margarita is your girl!

Margarita's is also speaks Spanish!  You can contact Margarita at

Peggy Woodword -

Driver/Dispatch Supervisor & Foreman

Sam Hayes

Refuse & Roll Off Drivers

Mark Jones
Robert McGree

Dwaine Mackey
Alan Gramm
Leron Payne

Septic & Portable Route Drivers & Service People

Todd Snow - Septic
David Oliver - Septic Serviceman

Travis Hunt - Portable Serviceman
Bobby Clements - Portable Serviceman


Chris Stead


Melvin Martinez

Sierra Waste Transfer Field Supervisor

Alan Gramm  -  The Kern Valley Transfer Station began it's operation in 1997.  Alan has an important job of making sure all of the waste and recyclables that enter the Transfer Station is disposed in the proper place.  This is a difficult task when the public is bringing in their waste. Alan is also responsible for coordinating the transfer of the waste from our facility to the landfill in Ridgecrest.

Transfer Drivers

Cameron Calhoon

Sierra Waste Transfer Floor Sorters

Rebecca Weldon - Sierra Waste Transfer
William Hunt - Sierra Waste Transfer
Cipriano Chacon - Sierra Waste Transfer
Adam Lackey 
- Sierra Waste Transfer
William Bailey - Sierra Waste Transfer

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