Kern Valley Transfer Station Gate Fees

Kern County Waste Management Department operates Kern Valley Transfer Station.  Residents will not be charged a waste disposal fee except for those fees listed below in the Gate Fee Schedule below.  Residents are defined by having a special assessment on their property tax bill.

For proper classification of the waste you bring to the landfill, gate attendants may ask specific questions about your load to better understand what type of waste you are bringing into the site.
  • Stop at the gatehouse for load check and to be weighed
  • Take recyclable material to diversion area
  • Follow speed limit signs
  • Follow directional arrows

  • firearms or explosives
  • hazardous wastes
  • hot ashes
  • liquids of any kind
  • waste from outside the County of Kern

We strongly suggest that, if you have anything out of the ordinary, you call the Waste Management Department before you attempt to bring it to the trasnfer station at (661) 862-8900 or (800) 552-KERN (option 6).


Non-chargeable residential waste, in general, is any household or yard waste that would normally go into a residential waste can.  There are other waste materials that do not meet that criteria that are also not charged. 
Some examples are:
  • large appliances - stoves, refrigerators, water heaters, etc.
  • furniture - mattresses, sofas, chairs etc.
  • tree trimmings
Waste Category Waste Type Residential Commercial
*Discount may apply for source separated materials. Discounts will be established at the gate.
Construction & Demolition*
ex. Asphalt, Brick, Concrete, Dirt, Drywall, Fencing, Metal, Packing Material, Pallets, Pipe & Wood $40.50/ton $40.50/ton
Dead Animals

$70/ton $70/ton
Electronic Waste (e-waste)
Cathode Ray Tubes (CRTs): ex. TVs, Computer Monitors, Devices with a screen No Charge No Charge
Electronic Devices without a screen: ex. Cell Phones, toaster, microwave oven No Charge $40.50/ton All Other Vehicles
$8 Cars
$20 Pickups
$29 Pickup Above Cab

No Charge $40.50/ton All Other Vehicles
$8 Cars
$20 Pickups
$29 Pickup Above Cab
Ordinary Household Trash
Appliances, Clothing, Furniture, Manure No Charge $40.50/ton All Other Vehicles
$8 Cars
$20 Pickups
$29 Pickup Above Cab
Light Duty $2/tire $2/tire
Heavy Duty $10/tire $10/tire
Oversize $14/tire $14/tire
Earthmover/Bulk $200/ton $200/ton
Treated Wood Waste
Grape Stakes, Utility Poles, Foundation Lumber 
$120/ton $120/ton
Railroad Ties 
$12/each $12/each
Untarped/Unsecured Load

Loads must be properly covered and secured to prevent fly-away trash, furniture or other items from flying or blowing out of the vehicle

($5 minimum) $5/ton ($5 minimum) $5/ton
Used Motor Oil

No Charge No Charge


Tires ARE accepted at KernValley Transfer Station

Call ahead for more information.
If you have anything out of the ordinary, call the Waste Management Department before you attempt to bring it to the landfill at (661) 862-8900 or (800) 552-KERN (option 6).


Per County Ordinance G-1733, Section 3438.5, the following rules are to be followed at Kern County facilities:

  • This facility is provided for the use of Kern County residents.
  • Only non-hazardous solid waste generated within Kern County will be accepted.
  • Dumping is to be conducted under the direction of the attendant.
  • Children under the age of 12 years, and pets, must remain in the vehicle for their safety.
  • Contact the attendant for disposal of dead animals.

The following is prohibited at the facility:

  • Use of firearms
  • Salvaging by the public
  • Dumping of hot ashes, or activities causing any material to burn.
  • all liquid waste
  • objects not easily handled by equipment in use
  • smoking


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